When to treatment Osteoporosis?

When we give a treatment of osteoporosis?

Getting the treatment of osteoporosis is determined by bone density (BMD: BMD) is the main

 It compares with the standard of young people with the same race and sex (T-score) in which a popular bone density measures, including the pelvis and lumbar spine.

 Since the site where the fractures are common and were associated with disability and death in 1, 2 in general, the beginning of treatment in patients with T-score less than or equal to -. 2.5 SD.

However, the decision to take into account not only for the treatment of T-scores should only be considered together with other factors such as age of the patient. History of fractures in the past. Diseases of the patient. Risk factors for osteoporosis.

 It should consider SRETTHA on the status and benefits associated with treating patients. This is because the treatment of osteoporosis needs to maintain continuity for a long time. Some drugs used in the treatment are expensive. Therefore, treatment of individual patients should be carefully considered and should be clearly indicated.

Guidelines for the treatment of osteoporosis include an adequate calcium intake. The proper exercise. Medications to reduce the breaking of bones and increase bone mass. To prevent fractures. To relieve the pain. Change of disability, including physical therapy in patients with fractures caused to the patient of autonomy and a better quality of life.

What is in this blog ?

Currently, the incidence of osteoporosis is probably higher. This is due to the number of elderly is increasing. 

However, in the last two decades of drug discovery and many new treatments are effective in treating the disease. In addition to reducing the incidence of fractures. 

Reduce disability and mortality, already to improve the quality of life for patients. Reduce the burden on the family and society. It also led to reduce the economic loss.

This blog try to collects several drugs have been approved to be used to treat and prevent osteoporosis and maintain the new starting point is used to treat osteoporosis

Why I try to collect about Osteoporosis.

I will collected all about osteoporosis occur because I think I feel backache very much in this year, and I had lose weight rapidly cause my country fashion don’t support a fat girl so I try for many times to lose weight.

And I think personal beliefs influence health behavior and then decide.
The study of personal beliefs is a factor. That can lead to health behavior change. The factors that influence health beliefs. Includes knowledge of a person (individual perception) cofactor (modification factor) and factors that influence the feasibility of implementation (risk share). 

When people are aware of the risk (perceived susceptibility), perceived severity (perceived seriousness) and the threat (perceived threat) as the perception that they are at risk of osteoporosis. 

Because the behavior of low-calcium diet. Lack of exercise and no chance of getting the red light are adequate. And when you realize that osteoporosis is the cause of severe chronic pain, suffering. Brittle bones brittle and difficult to treat due to disability. A charge of relying on other medical expenses and loss of high can result in personal behavior and decided to protect health.

In addition to the above perception. Factors associated with an address to the management of behavior modification are to improve the knowledge or experience about the disease. And be encouraged to practice proper behavior such as self-perception of risk. Information or the experience of illness of a close and perceived benefits and barriers in the correct behavior. In order to promote appropriate behaviors and to overcome obstacles.

Therefore, assessment of risk perception. And the severity of the disease. Together with co-factors. Knowledge and experience with the disease. Having the opportunity to stimulate the action of a party with some variations. Each method of influencing how motivated or not. It 'important factor that must be met to achieve success in changing health behavior.