Calcium and Osteoporosis

Calcium and osteoporosis. 

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Consumption of adequate calcium. Is essential in the treatment of osteoporosis.

 The addition of calcium to help slow the decline in bone density and reduce fractures in the elderly who do not consume enough calcium.

Also found that the therapy helps reduce the breakdown of bone. (Anti-resorptive. agents) are beneficial when patients received calcium and vitamin D is adequate.

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 However, the study found that treatment with calcium alone cannot increase bone mass is well. Need to share with vitamin D pills or to break bones only.

  In addition, the important thing to keep in mind is that the calcium supplement tablets that should be available if the patient cannot eat enough calcium from food only

The patients received adequate calcium from food, and then there is a need to supplement
Currently available in plenty of calcium tablets.

 But the most popular are calcium carbonate because it is a type of content of calcium (elemental calcium) was the most 40 percent by weight of drug

Number of tablets to eat less than other types of calcium intake.

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However, should not be taken at a time more than 600 mg of elemental calcium as this will effectively decrease drug absorption.

 For adverse drug calcium were the most common constipation.
May be modified by medication with food and water under a cup.

This not only reduces side effects of gastrointestinal happened but also allows for better absorption of drugs with

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For calcium gluconate and lactate are not as popular nowadays due to the amount of calcium is very low. Patients need medication tablets of up to 23-26 tablets to receive adequate amount of calcium.

 Calcium acetate for drugs that do not have benefits beyond the amount of calcium carbonate and calcium lower and more expensive too.

The calcium citrate is more expensive than calcium carbonate, but the advantage is that the drug will dissolve in water than in the presence of neutral pH may be useful in older patients might suffer from achlorhydria is common, and as an alternative for patients. Constipation symptoms when eating the type carbonate.

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 The effervescent tablet of calcium medication. Drug is produced to make medicines more easily because they dissolve tablets in a glass of water before and flavors have been invited to eat. However, drugs are more expensive compared to other types of calcium tablets.

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When to treat and how to evaluate the outcome of treatment?

When to treat ?
and how to evaluate the outcome of treatment?

Patients with osteoporosis may be a physician with signs and symptoms may vary. Some may have severe symptoms caused by complications of the disease, such as broken bones.

Chronic low back pain or some of them may have no symptoms or signs, but found that bone density is reduced to visual machine dual-energy X-ray inspection absorptiometry (DXA).

So, when assessing individual patients, so treatment is different. In general, in addition to evaluation of symptoms. The symptoms and physical examination and then. Doctor should be monitoring the bone density every 1-2 years after treatment.

. For the monitoring of treatment by measuring the index is created or breaking bones (bone markers) that are still not widely used for inspection and examination only in expensive medical schools.

However, the control bone markers that can be useful in monitoring patients with osteoporosis, low bone mass rapidly (high bone turnover).

Diseases such as osteoporosis by the use of hard core glucosamine Martin Grand Room. (Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis).

This is to help change treatment decisions more quickly. Since the detection of changes in bone density after treatment will take several months to see the changes.