The alternative - Women's health

Introduction - Vox-pops from the case studies. Nick Avery, a physician and homeopath, has taken an interest in the relationship between hormones and health problems of women. He describes how difficult it is to treat hormonal problems, because even if you have a blood test progesterone and estrogen are very different in a normal range. Case Study 1 - We hear from Anne, who had been treated with hormones closely by their doctor to try to combat painful periods and almost continuous. Case Study 2 -Annette had sought a child more than a year before she was diagnosed as an experience of early menopause was. Case Study 3 - Dr. Marilyn Glenville is a nutritionist, not a natural alternative for people want to be, offers to go to hormone replacement therapy. Case study 4 - Scylla, but went through menopause in different ways under the supervision of the therapist Zero Balancing ®, John Hamwee.