5 ways to prevent osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is a disease in a first person's bones are at increased risk of broken or crushed by a decrease in bone density causes bones to become thin and weak.
The bones of the body is constantly under a natural process of renewal and replacement. This is controlled by two processes, a process slowly breaks down old bone (osteoclasts break bone, that is so, the new bone can be determined is done) and the process of other new seriesBone (as indicated by cells called osteoblasts did). These processes work together and are in equilibrium, so as not to affect bone density. With age, however, the process breaks down and absorbs the bone work a bit 'faster than the process that builds and refreshes the bones. As time passes slowly decreases bone density.
There are other factors, however, increasing the rate at which bone density decreases and this leads to osteoporosis.
Study start, Note that there is a connection between the acidity of the body and osteoporosis. Optimal functioning of our body needs a slightly alkaline. When our bodies start to get angry, then things go wrong.
Bone is very sensitive to small changes in body pH (acidity). If your body begins to sour, it causes the osteoclasts (bone cells break) to increase their activity (building cells that make new bone), inhibits the activity of osteoblasts andMinerals are stored in the bones lost. All this leads to a greater loss of bone density.
When our body starts to go sour, is our body to store calcium and other minerals from the bones to balance the acid. The body does this to stay healthy. To balance the acid, the body takes our minerals from the bones, thus reducing its density and increasing the likelihood of suffering from osteoporosis.
One of the ways in which our body is acid from our diet.Most people do not eat enough healthy food, rather than replace people with the practice of eating healthy food low in nutrients.
The good news is that there are ways in which it prevents the loss of bone density as possible. I have to avoid the five species listed, so that decreases bone density.
1) the diet you should eat a diet with vitamins and minerals that help to increase bone density and stay away from foods that increase your body pH. For example, white sugar.
2) Exercise-For constant load exercise. For a load on the bones and encourages them to strengthen to cope with the exercise.
added 3) calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, calcium is a constituent of bones, the strength of their vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from food, and when our body is not enough magnesium speeds up bone loss.
4 non-smoking)
5) Keep the consumption of alcohol is a minimum
Osteoporosis is a health issueCondition that many people around the world wide, but the good news is that there are ways to reduce and minimize the impact.

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