Modifying Pilates for Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis Dose and Don'ts

Maintaining bone density by long-term routine loading on our bones, which falls before the training density when exercise achieved canceled.
 To ensure the best possible, what you have and to avoid further losses, the following rules:

DO stress in the foot every day.

The other day a client application in osteoporotic study, why should not continue to make the plow in yoga since he was certainly in extreme flexionbearing weight on his back.

Stress in our case means standing! Rolling cut back, not only did not, but it can actually cause vertebral fractures.
Standing White Rabbit

Just say NO!

DO work on your balance while standing as often as possible.
The child has fallen less than the risk of hip or wrist. Standing yoga postures and physical mind institute

Standing Pilates ® can be very helpful.

The Method - Standing Pilates Blend

DO strength, cardiovascular training and flexibility in security guidelines.
They focus on the spine and the extension of the trunk. Since our body in gravity will begin around us.
It 's important that we work constantly to stay upright with a slight pressure of the shoulder blades and a great lift of the sternum.

DO be careful sneezing and coughing. Many fractures during vigorous coughing and sneezing occur.
Try to stand or sit with your back against something for support.

Theraputic Neck Support (Just Relax Tension Reliever)

DO NOT bend your back forward.
Do not bend to tie his shoes or Choose something from the floor.

Do not round forward as you enter and exit the bed.
And do not send your spine!

Back Care: A Flexion Program for the Patient with Excess Lumbar Lordosis

Yes, spinal flexion is healthy for bone health.
It 'absolutely contraindicated for low bone density.
As you can see in the image of the fracture, the micro-cracks occur in the front of the spine and are irreversible.

Would you like a round ball all the time for the rest of your life?
I know I know!

Self Transport Folding Wheelchair with Detachable Desk Armrests, Swing-away Detachable Elevating Leg Rests, Solid Castors and Large Rolling Rear Wheels.

Do not roll back. I know I say once again, but this is so important!
And I'm afraid to say how many clients with osteoporosis, I saw that, since extreme flexion exercises given by certified Pilates instructor in the studio.

Do not force you to turn your back.
 Be kind to your spine. powerful torque is violated.